A.Symmetron is a private company founded by Konstantinos Asimakopoulos in Athens in 1996, active in the business of construction, renovations and real estate development.

In its 22 years of experience, A.Symmetron has undertaken and successfully delivered a large array of private and public works, either solely relying on its own team of professional experts and financial liquidity or in conglomeration with both smaller and larger corporate entities.

The list of our satisfied clients includes hundreds of home-owning families, corporate clients such as banking institutions and multinational corporations, as well as state owned entities, including public schools, hospitals and municipalities.

Values & Technical Standards

The robust implementation of our corporate values has allowed for A.Symmetron not only to stay in business for more than 20 years but also constantly expand our scope of activities.

We highly value the excellent architectural design and unique aesthetic of all our projects, using basically clean rectangular shapes to create simple and complex geometric spaces and giving thus a minimalist character and high aesthetics in the buildings constructed by the company. Respecting the above values, our architects and designers make sure all interior spaces are wide and fully functionable, exploit available space to the fullest possible degree and all exteriors follow current design trends. The use of visible concrete and white smooth plaster in combination with crystal elements, metal or wood on the facades, is a characteristic feature of the constructions.

At the same time, following our ecological conscience, we insist on using high quality materials for all living spaces. As per construction quality and environmental consequences, A.Symmetron is certified with ISO 9001:2015 for Quality Management and ISO 14001:2015 for Environmental Management. All construction projects of A.Symmetron follow faithfully the articles and obligations of the «Greek Anti-Earthquake Regulation 2000 (OASP)». The use of state-of-the-art technology, materials (such as B 500C steel, robotic anti-seismic fasteners, reinforced concrete C30-37) and construction methods ensure buildings that are fully earthquake resistant, providing security to their occupants. A.Symmetron gives particular emphasis on building security and provides homeowners with buildings that are fully equipped with a fire and fire alarm system, an alarm network, network voltage monitoring to avoid damage from weather conditions, water filters in the apartment’s network,

Materials & Suppliers

All materials used by A.Symmetron are provided by exclusive suppliers of high renown and long term presence in the construction market. We select only the best wooden, aluminum, marble and steel infrastructure, so as all our housing units are built to last and be enjoyed fault free in the long run.